Friends and Supporters

We are proud and humbled to have support from so many organisations and friends, here are some of them listed below for whom we would like to thank for their support and friendship over the years and to the present.

Sifu Sid Sofos – Wing Chun Kung-Fu Fatshan Martial Arts Academy

William Kwok – Practical Wing Chun Gotham Martial Arts

Pedro Cepero Yee – Yee’s Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association

Phoenix Carnival Costume Band – Monty Ward and Dorendra

John Phoenix Le Grand & Jonathan M Fields – Lost Legacy of Martial Arts

David Li – NY Lotus Light Association

Anglo Chinese Arts Council – Ray Man

Ray Man Music Orchestra – Ray Man

Jun Mo Generations

Louis – Music Band

Manor Tenants and Residents Association

LCCA London Chinese Chinatown Association

Hong Kong Executive – Lawrence Lee

Chung Ching – Kelvin Chan

NHMBA – Notting Hill Carnival Mass Band Association

Hackney Cultural Services & Hackney Council

Man Clans Associations

Peabody Trust – Millennium Awards

Arts Council of England

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