About Jun Mo Wing Chun

Joseph Koon Fuk Man was the 7th student and ‘Kung Fu Son’ of Grandmaster Lee Shing, and since 1965 he has officially represented the Lee Shing Wing Chun lineage in London, England.
Jun Mo Wing Chun was named by Joseph’s only Martial Arts teacher in 1978, and he was then awarded hand written scrolls In 1981, Jun Mo’s aims and objectives as written and approved by Grandmaster Yip Chun, Chairman of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association, were bestowed by Grandmaster Lee Shing, the Official representative of Great Grandmaster Yip Man in the U.K and Europe, to Grandmaster Joseph Man.

Jun Mo Wing Chun has since been flying the Wing Chun banner with honour and respect, benefitting society by bringing communities together in harmony and peace through Cultural Education as only an Art can do, this is the mission of Grandmaster Joseph Man.

Jun Mo Wing Chun means ‘To promote the Wing Chun Martial Art’

“The scrolls presented to Jun Mo have significant meaning for Wing Chun”



Jun – Rejuvenating the Glory of Wing Chun, Reigning Supreme Without Peer
Mo – Mobilising the Force of Heaven and Earth, Shining Brilliant to the Stratosphere

Ngai – Arts of the Isles Enriched by a Singular Brilliance
Shing – Elevation of the Spirit in the Splendour of Halcyon Bliss and ‘Elevation of the Spirit Across the Land

“Jun Mo is not merely a school, but family…”

Jun Mo Wing Chun and the lifetime mission of Grandmaster Joseph Man is cultivating all his personal students as respectable Teachers and Artists so that they are able to promote the Wing Chun Martial Art in a way that benefits the Society through Charitable promotions and activities.

Jun Mo is not merely a school, but family. Grandmaster Joseph Man opened his home to all students as sons and daughters. Acknowledging that one belongs to a family means one does not merely act upon his/hers ego.

Knowing yourself and others is the beginning of 德武 | Martial Virtue | Mo Duk, a path that Grandmaster Joseph Man helped grow in others, in any walk of life and at any stage of life – such was his unfathomable experience in life and knowledge of the Wing Chun Martial Art.

Only a true Art is limitless; being refined over multiple lifetimes, it does not concern itself merely with one aspect such as pragmatic self protection.

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts are Cultural; they hold a way of life that comprise; ethics, language, medicine, strategy, weaponry, military methods, calligraphy, music, design, craftsmanship, literature and all other aspects of humanities.

Grandmaster Joseph Man taught all his students, the way to transform themselves and achieve their goals through the Art of Wing Chun.

As a man of Honour and Virtue, Grandmaster Joseph Man first taught students 5 simple yet profound words:

Loyalty, Law, Humanity, Righteousness, Way
Chung, Faat, Yan, Yee, Do

Knowing the way as Teachers in Society, we can uphold the Wing Chun Martial Art with Proprietary, Ethically cultivating cultural Artistic ability with Integrity. Grandmaster Joseph Man truly gave his students a richness of life worth more than gold. A virtuous man gains Honour.

The currency of Honour is Benevolence, this is Grandmaster Joseph Man’s wealth – the Respect of the Community. He left us a profound legacy.

We can never forget our dearest Grandmaster.


The Lee Shing Family of Martial Artists were the first representatives to promote Wing Chun in England due to the loyalty and respect held for Ip Man and his methods of teaching.

Grandmaster Lee Shing passed on his life long learning experiences to very few, and it is with his blessing that I pass to you some of his personal aims and objectives, which he held close to his heart.

I was always taught to have respect for every Martial Artist, and it is my goal to share some of my own memories to help you gain a better insight into my personal ‘reason’ to continue practising Wing Chun after some forty-plus years.

With respect
Joseph Man

Aims & Objectives

  • To introduce and promote health and fitness.
  • To provide an ongoing workshop and event schedule.
  • To continue with the exploration of the arts, educate and certify the curriculum contents and levels of achievement progressively.
  • To support cultural exchange events for community unity and understandings.

Training Areas

  • Form
  • Health & Fitness
  • Interaction
  • Wooden Dummy
  • Weaponary
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