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The Jun Mo Wing Chun System


Within the Jun Mo Wing Chun system there are five main areas of learning, each of which benefits the understanding of the students knowledge as they progress through their training stage by stage. The most common interpretations of these areas are:

Form, Health & Fitness, Wooden Dummy,

Weaponry, Interaction




The Three Forms of the Wing Chun style are practised continuously throughout the students learning. Each form has been standardized using the basic images passed on by Grandmaster Sing Lee. The Forms are regarded as the Wing Chun styles heritage, and theories and practices are often broken down into sets at a later stage to progress ones understanding of all fundamental principles. There are no secrets, if your foundation is strong.

Health & Fitness
With a general exercise routine the student is able to gain confidence and physically and mentally prepare for progression within the Programs. All exercises practised are fundamental to the understanding of the Art of Wing Chun and can be utilised and combined with all future training.


Wooden Dummy
The Wooden Dummy is a unique training aid for the Wing Chun student, teaching positioning, posture and basic foundation understanding of body conditioning. The Jun Mo Foundation enables students to practice on the Wooden Dummy at an early stage of training, which benefits all future understanding of the Art.

Weaponry Training is introduced to the students as a General Therapy, including the Flag, Stick and Rattan Rings. The Jun Mo Wing Chun Knife is taught to instructors only, as this learning requires a certain mentality, which is monitored by Master Joseph Man himself.
Teaching methods of Weaponry are unique to the Jun Mo School and enable each student to gain unmatched practical experience which benefits all empty hand forms.

The Wing Chun style combines a unique practice using a partner to develop initial reactions and responses to constantly changing postures and positions in a safety conscious and un-competitive environment. Basic self-defence understanding is achieved through constant practice, utilising larger groups to train all techniques to a high standard.

JUNMO wingchun

Jun Mo Aims & Objectives

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To introduce and promote health and fitness.

To provide and ongoing workshop and event schedule

To continue with the exploration of the Arts, Educate and Certify the curriculum contents and levels of achivement progressively

To support cultural exchange events for community unity and understanding

JUNMO wingchun

Induction Programme

Training Is

Based on the Human Body


Based on Equipment Training


General Practice Of The Wing Chun Martial Art